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Yangzhou Huijiang Plastic Packing Co.,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing extruded plastic tube(PE tube) for cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, household, personal care and industrial products packaging. Since its foundation, Huijiang has experienced hardships in its growth and now is supported by sound technology and three imported production lines for manufacturing plastic tubes. Its annual capacity of production has reached over 50 million pieces of tube, size ranging from φ16mm to φ50mm, capacity ranging from 10ml to 250ml. Thanks for the customers’ trust, Huijiang has been developing rapidly since 2008. By the end of 2009 it will achieve the sales of over 70 million pieces of tube.

The plastic tube is recyclable and free of pollution, and can easily be used and filled, and even is free from binding seams on the body. It has become one of the most advanced packaging media in the modern days, and has replaced the traditional aluminum tubes in the market.

In the corporation spirit of “good faith and quality first”, the company has been working solidly and hard to improve its technologies and technological processes as the guarantee for the product quality and its brand name. It has been working positively to push forward its new product research and development to meet the increasing demand in the market. Also, in the idea of “keeping the customers’ need in mind”, the company is trying to develop itself into a first-rate manufacturer of plastic tubes in china and facilitate the growth of the company in a forward-looking strategy, advancing with the time.

From the end of 2007,Huijing stepped into brand new period for its growth. As a new rising star in this field, it has established long-term cooperation relationship with many large-and- medium-size cosmetics and hotel supply groups, As Huijiang looks to a more splendid future, it will advance hand in hand with all customers home and abroad in full enthusiasm, with strong financial capability and rich resources of talented people as the strong support, utilizing the widespread network system and the advanced management concept and precise word style.

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